With the change to our school start time from 9:20 to 8:00, we have been noticing a delay in arrival times. We understand that new norms take time to adjust. Our 8:00 start time means that students should be in their room, prepared for the day by that time.  Buses drop students at 7:45 and we welcome students in the building at that time.  Breakfast is served at that time as well.  If you are dropping off your child, or they walk to school, please have them arrive by 7:50 which will allow them enough time to enter the building and be prepared for the day.

Routines and consistency are important for students and this will help maximize the learning opportunities during the time students are here.  Thanks for your cooperation in this matter!

With multiple family schedules, please communicate your after school transportation and plan with both your child and the classroom teacher. Our priority is for students to arrive home safely and it’s important for all to know the plan.  If there is a change of plans, please contact the office before 1:00 as teachers may not receive the email or voice mail.

We continue to monitor the safety in our parking lot during drop off and pick up.  Please be mindful of our parking lot procedures, and be alert – keeping student safety as a priority.