This is an exciting time in District 112 – Eastern Carver County Schools, as we continue to strive toward exceptional, personalized learning. In this process, we have moved to standards based grading.  Today, you will receive this informational flyer sent home with every student.  It explains the purpose and structure of this new reporting system.

Read HERE for more information on Standards Based Grading.

Some teachers have been using Empower as a means to reports student progress.  If this is the case, you should have received this letter from the teacher to help communicate this reporting system.

Read HERE for information about EMPOWER.

We understand these changes can be challenging and we are caught in between two reporting systems while we continue to develop our staff until all are properly trained and ready to use EMPOWER.

For your convenience, we have set up a link to address specific questions that you may have.

Standards Based Grading Questions

Thank you for your partnership and support on this educational journey!

Have a wonderful day!