To order and personalize your yearbook:

Click here to order your year book

A few important facts:
*We kept the cost the same as the last few years!  $17.00.
*Complete your free personalized pages by April 19.
*Your 2 free personalized pages are optional, if you don’t customize you’ll receive a standard yearbook.
*You can now create your custom pages through the free TreeRing app on your phone!

Submit Photos!
Please help make the CRE Yearbook amazing!  Please submit any photos that you’ve taken at school or during field trips.  Either email high resolution images to or upload them to the appropriate shared folder when logged into your TreeRing account online (you can even upload photos through the free TreeRing app on your Android or iPhone – just be sure to select “Share with Clover Ridge Elementary School” so that we can use the photos!)

Thank you!!