“Learning with” vs. “teaching to”

If you ask individuals if they like to learn new things, the common reply is “yes!” However, if you ask the same group if they liked school, the answers may diverge and involve stories about their specific school-based experiences. Eastern Carver County Schools continue to change the paradigm of school and think about how learning experiences can be engaging and relevant for each student. “Purposeful Learning” is the pillar of personalized learning that helps ensure that learning is meaningful to the student and carries a framework for success beyond the classroom. Teachers and mentors in Eastern Carver County Schools approach learning as something we do with students, rather that something we do to them. Teachers and students often co-design learning experiences and pathways that ensure relevance and meaning. Learners have opportunities to make responsible choices to contextualize and show evidence of their learning. Given opportunities to co-design, learning... read more

Late Start Thursday, December 14

Please remember that our next Late Start will be held on Thursday, December 14th.  School will begin at 10 AM. Busses will be running 2 hours later than normal.  This is an opportunity for our staff to continue to grow professionally. read more

Culture Night

We have begun preparations for our Annual Culture Night on January 25th from 5:30-7:30.  This is always a huge event that celebrates the many cultures represented in our building and community. The event includes a fashion show, food tasting, cultural gallery walk, dance and other presentations.  The culture that you choose to share about can be your own family culture or the culture of someplace that you have traveled. This event can not happen without your participation, so please consider sharing your gifts and experiences.  We are lucky to have such a diverse community and this is one way we can celebrate!  Please join us! We are looking for your help for CRE Culture Night.  Click here to learn more about CRE Culture... read more

Winter Weather & School Closing

December has certainly arrived with the snow and bitter cold. Please remember that students will be outside for recess on most days unless there is rain, a heavy snowfall or temperatures combined with a wind chill of -15 degrees below zero or more. This means that all children should have a jacket, snow pants, boots, hats and gloves. If you are having difficulty getting any of these items please contact Pam Oldenkamp, our school social worker (952-556-6912). School closings do not occur often in Minnesota but there are now two ways to find out about school closings due to inclement weather. Should weather impact school attendance, our district calling system will be used to communicate general announcements or reminders from our schools. Our District will continue to report school closings on WCCO Radio and local TV stations.  (Note: Our District is listed alphabetically under “Eastern Carver... read more