Pick Up & Drop Off

Safety First! For student and staff safety we ask that all parents adhere to these guidelines during parent drop-off and pick-up. Below are some observations that should help the efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately ensure the safety of our students every day. 

Drop Off

Please pull all the way forward when asked by staff. Filling up the drop-off and pick-up zone keeps things moving along. Proceed as far forward to the playground as possible.

Please stay off of your cell phone. Your full attention is needed as you enter the parking lot. We have over 100 cars and multiple pedestrians moving during this busy time and we need everyone to be attentive.

Please be patient and stay in line. Please do not “leap frog”. At times, there are children exiting and entering from the driver side and we do not want anyone to get hurt.

Please watch for pedestrians and adhere to our Safety Patrol flags.

Students will be held outside until entry time. Make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the day’s weather. Students will be allowed in the building during extreme weather conditions *We recommend that students exit the car on the “curbside” of the vehicle and in the appropriate loading zones. *We recommend that children use car seats and sit in the back seat.

As you enter the parking lot, please have your children get their things together so that they are ready to exit the car. This keeps the line moving. If there are special circumstances during your drop-off time or you need extended time or to exit your car, please consider parking in the lot and walking your child across the parking lot crosswalk. This allows for the even flow of traffic. No child should be walking in the parking lot without the assistance of an adult.


Please let your child know who will be picking them up so they know which vehicle to be looking for when you arrive. Please also, let them know they should be looking for you and not running around so that they can load up upon your arrival. Students should stay away from the curb until your car has come to a complete stop.

THE SAFETY OF OUR STUDENTS, STAFF, and COMMUNITY IS OUR PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY. Please allow enough time to adhere to these guidelines. We appreciate, in advance, your commitment to these procedural guidelines.