Media Center

Welcome to the Media Center at Clover Ridge

Book checkout time is built into Media/Technology specials. Students (with classroom teacher permission) are also welcome to visit the Media Center on an individual basis at any time during the school day to read, check out materials, or finish class work.

Loan limits

  • Kindergarten and Grade 1 – 1 book before Nov. 1st; 2 items* after Nov. 1st
  • Grade 2 – 2 items*
  • Grade 3 – 3 items*
  • Grade 4 – 3 items*
  • Grade 5 – 3 items*

*Students are limited to only one Maud Hart Lovelace title or “Popular” title at a time. These items are very popular, and our selection is limited. Check out period is for 2 weeks.


Students may renew books once. The books do not need to be present to be renewed.

Book selection

One goal of our district media program is to teach children to choose reading materials that meet their informational and recreational needs. Toward that end, we encourage and guide students toward books appropriate to their development and reading levels, but it is ultimately the individual child who selects what to check out. If you are concerned that your child is not choosing appropriate reading materials, please contact Mrs. Roise. She is happy to meet with families before or after school for a personalized book “consultation”.

Book return

Students are responsible for timely return of any items checked out in their names. A secure book drop box is located at the media center circulation desk. Items may be put there at any time during building hours. Classroom teachers may also have a bin in their classrooms where students place books that need to be returned to the media center. Please be advised that classroom return bins are NOT secure and sometimes books returned there are “borrowed” by other children in the classroom and do not make it to the library on time. Overdue/Lost/Damaged Items (Parents, please note that you can always verify the books your child has checked out by using your child’s username and password in Destiny Quest or by checking Parent Portal.)

Overdue Items:

Notices will be sent home every month. If your child receives an overdue notice, and you believe the item has been returned, please have your child ask us to check the shelves again. Parents should also feel free to call or email Mrs. Roise with a request to check the library shelf for the missing book.

Lost & Damaged Books:

Students who have lost or damaged a book will be expected to pay the replacement cost of the item. Many of our books are specially bound for library use, so please contact Mrs. Roise before purchasing a replacement copy. Checks for the replacement cost, which can be found on the overdue notice, should be made payable to Clover Ridge Elementary and brought to the media center or the school office. We will refund the cost of items if they are found and returned during the current school year.


Samantha Mueller
Media Specialist